The Man Taking The “Cult” Out of The Cultural Practice of Meditation

The Man Taking The “Cult” Out of The Cultural Practice of Meditation


Meditation is no longer a practice designed solely for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. It has become a trendy, mainstream activity—that is still often misunderstood.

As a self-proclaimed sceptic turned ‘meditation maverick’—Janoah van Kekem originally associated the practice with a religious cult following. 

After years of research on mindfulness and feeling its benefits firsthand, Janoah has developed his own unique method using centuries-old Eastern philosophy with the power of Western science and modern-day living.

“The turning point in me deciding to learn to meditate was when I realised that experiencing anxiety and negative thoughts weren’t things we just had to push through,” comments Janoah, 

“I saw the science supporting meditation and the importance of looking after our brain and nervous systems and figured out that not only do most of the high performers around the world meditate, but you can do it anywhere and still remain engaged in the world.”

Janoah’s life-changing experience and work with mantra meditation and mindset concepts led to the creation of a unique meditation formula he has coined the ‘TRIPLE M METHOD’. He believes it is both the most efficient and effective system for the everyday busy body.   

MEDITATION: Release stress, cut anxiety, calm mind.

MEANING: Connection, confidence, purpose.

MINDSET: Rewire brain, positive shift, increase clarity.

While easier said than done, Janoah helps clients put these words and other techniques into meaningful practice through a number of courses and work programs he offers. 

Janoah is not alone in successfully harnessing his own mindfulness and passing the skill on to others. According to statistics, there are an estimated 200-500 million people worldwide that meditate. Additional statistics show meditation may reduce anxiety levels by 60% and increase employees’ productivity by 120%.

To date, Janoah has helped hundreds of individuals get on track with the healing benefits of his meditation practices. 

“My aim is to normalise meditation and get as many people doing it as possible. So many of us are missing out due to lack of understanding or resistance from the weird stigma attached to it.” 

He hopes to continue to reach and impact individuals who find themselves letting daily struggles define them, and to inspire them in knowing there’s hope in realistic, accessible and mindful solutions that work.