A message of hope from Beverly Hills

A message of hope from Beverly Hills

‘It is no secret we are in the midst of a worldwide storm. But rather than allowing events to dampen our spirits, we are choosing to find the light.⁣

During these unprecedented times of stillness, we have been given an important gift that we often seek: the luxury of time. Time to imagine. Time to create. Time to dream. Time to plan for a healthier, brighter future.⁣

The world is undoubtedly shifting, but what will never change is our status as a destination of singular, storied luxury. ⁣

When the storm is over, Beverly Hills will be here to provide you with experiences that are as expert and refined as they are warm and inviting.⁣”

“The sun will shine again, and when it does, we cannot wait to welcome you back!” says Julie Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, Beverly Hills (CVB)