Australian business Formulite finds its flavour as the healthier option for weight management

Australian business Formulite finds its flavour as the healthier option for weight management


Formulite, an Australian-owned company that produces healthy weight-management products for bariatric care and medically necessary weight-management is looking to expand its presence following the rapid growth of its business. The founder and CEO, Glennis Winnett is looking to raise investment funds through crowdfunding to support the next phase of the business. Those plans include enhancing product development, marketing for Formulite and hiring additional field representatives.

Since 2016, the brand has grown from its customer base of patients to become the gold standard for bariatric care and medically necessary weight management in Australia. However, the premium range of recovery protein, soups and nutritionally complete shakes and bars are now finding appeal with new customer segments too, which is driving current growth. In the past financial year, the brand achieved an average month-on-month growth of 40%, $2.3M (incl. GST) in total sales, while online sales grew by 58%.

Formulite’s nutritional credentials are attracting loyal customers among busy professionals, regular travellers, gym-goers and younger health-conscious consumers. The products are proving to be a high protein and healthier choice that suits their on-the-go lifestyles.

From offering four flavours of meal replacement shakes at launch, the range has now grown to include shakes in 5 flavours, 2 flavours of bars, 3 flavours of Lupin soups and 4 flavours of recovery collagen protein.

“We’re seeing more people choosing to use Formulite as part of their daily routine, either to avoid unhealthy eating while away from home or to have a healthy, fast meal option that fits their busy schedules,” says Glennis Winnett, Founder and CEO, Formulite.

“We’ve designed our products to be so convenient and delicious that there’s no need for anyone to skip meals or miss out on the daily nutrition their bodies need to thrive.”

Before starting the Formulite business, Winnett worked in the health industry for more than 20 years in radiography and supporting a general and specialist bariatric surgery in Melbourne. With a strong sense of patient care and a desire to provide patients with complete nutritional care, she looked for products that could lead to better health outcomes.

However, there were no products available that were high in protein, low in carbohydrates and sugar and included pre and probiotics for gut health. Instead, she found that many of the products available contained low-cost filler ingredients such as milk powders, or came with added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

To achieve optimal results for weight management, Winnett needed a product with an ideal mix of protein, fibre, healthy fats and included all the essential vitamins and minerals.

“There was nothing available that ticked all of our boxes for patient care, so with help from a nutritional supplements expert, other dietitians and bariatric professionals, I decided to find a solution myself,” says Winnett.

Winnett found a manufacturing contact in Victoria who could produce small volumes and also happened to be a food science technologist. They partnered together on the formulation and have continued to improve it based on feedback from customers and health and nutrition experts. The products are now an exceptional and nutritionally complete weight management solution.

Since then, Formulite has been added as one of the few Very Low Energy Diet (VLED) options recommended by the Australian-based Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute. Formulite has the highest protein content of VLED products available in Australian pharmacies and is one of the few products that meet the recommended daily protein for male and female patients with a high BMI.

The locally produced shakes contain 24 essential vitamins and minerals for optimal weight management and contain no filler ingredients. They each have minimal lactose and do not use any artificial sweeteners, making it easier on stomachs. Formulite products are available online or through more than 325 pharmacies around Australia, including major pharmacy groups such as Chempro, Ramsay, National Pharmacies and Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse.

“These next few steps for us will strengthen the position of the Formulite brand and set it up for a stronger future. We’re excited to find investors that are keen to support a female-led business that has a strong health story and considerable retail potential. With their help, we plan to continue developing healthier weight-management solutions for years to come,” adds Winnett.

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