Could the hangover be history ? A world-first scientific breakthrough has achieved a ‘miracle’: a capsule that lets you drink without fear of a hangover.

Could the hangover be history ? A world-first scientific breakthrough has achieved a ‘miracle’: a capsule that lets you drink without fear of a hangover


 Miracles are real – and the proof is in a game-changing new capsule set to transform the social lives of Australians.

Myrkl is pronounced ‘miracle,’ for good reason: its breakthrough scientific formula enables something previously impossible: social drinking minus the dreaded morning after.

Myrkl is unique because it completely changes the way your body processes alcohol, working to stop your hangover before it even starts.

The power-packed supplement is the first product in history shown by independent clinical trials to break down booze effectively in the gut before it reaches the liver.

Myrkl’s probiotic formula AB001™ is the result of 30 years of research and development by trusted Swedish healthcare company De Faire Medical and contains high-performing bacteria enriched with L-Cysteine1 and Vitamin B12.

AB001™ converts alcohol into water and carbon dioxide instead of the acetaldehyde and acetic acid that cause hangover symptoms after you drink. Without those biological bad guys in your body, you feel your freshest self the next day.

Myrkl not only works hard – it works fast, too. An independent peer-reviewed clinical trial showed that AB001™ broke down up to 70% of alcohol within 60 minutes (and 50% after 30 minutes) after consumption.

Hangovers are everyone’s party pooper. It can be hard to relax and have fun when you know there’s a price to pay. In fact, 74 percent of people in the UK say they turn down social invitations for fear of not feeling their best the next day. The same consumer research revealed that an astonishing 260 million days were wasted per year thanks to the after-effects of imbibing.

It doesn’t take much alcohol to trigger unpleasant symptoms. Research shows that most people feel below-par the next day after two standard drinks – that’s half the daily limit recommended by the Australian government’s Alcohol Guidelines.

If, like most Aussies, you’re a moderate social drinker (statistics show that just under three quarters of Australians remain within the government guidelines of no more than 10 standard drinks a week and four a day) you’ll still very likely to feel shabby post-tipple.

 But taking two Myrkl capsules up to one hour before drinking enables you to wake up refreshed and ready for the day’s challenges without compromising on your social life. Whether you need to be bounce back at your brightest for work, parenting, physical activities or all of the above, Myrkl has your back.

“This is a product for moderate social drinkers, who want to feel their best the next day,” says Frederic Fernandez, Myrkl co-creator and co-owner. “Our purpose is to help people who want to better balance their busy lives in ways they’ve never before been able to achieve.”

“Social connections have never been more important, and combined with a responsible approach to drinking, Myrkl can help people enjoy good company while raising a glass with confidence.”

The innovative product has already made a stunning UK debut last year, selling out within 24 hours of its launch and impressing reviewers so much that one declared Myrkl ‘an act of God.’ Demand has been so high that packs of Myrkl have been snapped up on eBay for up to AU$436.

Independently clinically tested, all-natural and vegan, Myrkl means you’ll have the energy to feel refreshed, and attend a busy social calendar, too.  Optimum performance, maximum fun, and minimum impact – surely that really is a miracle.