Tourism’s rousing anthem welcomes all to ‘Greatopia’ as they wind down along the Great Ocean Road

Tourism’s rousing anthem welcomes all to ‘Greatopia’ as they wind down along the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road’s latest tourism push has found its perfect time to lure tourists in

With a rallying cry, the voices of hundreds of Greatopians proudly beckon you to spend time along their Great Ocean Road. As one of the world’s most spectacular drives, the new ad is a good-looking invite, set among the captivating coastlines from Torquay through to the South Australian border, with pristine forests, volcanic plains, sumptuous seafood and friendly locals.

The rousing integrated ad campaign is both a call to action, and a call to meander, raising awareness of all the great places to stop at and things to do along the famously scenic drive which will hit the screens across TV, digital and social. Like a warm hug gripping the coast, the Great Ocean Road brings together the surf of Torquay with the river at Anglesea, the bushland at Lorne and the seaside at Port Fairy. There’s a new adventure around every corner from the mountains to the sea.

“While utopia is usually an imagined place. ‘Greatopia’, however, is a very real and perfect place. The campaign showcases the unique iconic landscapes of the region, a celebration of why we live in utopia, down along the Great Ocean Road,” says Liz Price, General Manager of Great Ocean Road Tourism Limited.

“You can’t be too destination focused when travelling the Great Ocean Road, or you might miss out. Its magic lies within each journey and the people, food, drinks and adventure along the way. We want to challenge visitors to seek beyond the usual haunts and discover so much more within Mother Nature, from the petrified forests, blowholes, volcanic lakes and craters,” adds Liz Price.

With domestic visitors still reluctant to leave our shores, Great Ocean Road Tourism was waiting for just the right time to share a timely reminder of the rich experiences we have in our own backyard. As Australians learn to live with Covid and tourism begins to rebound, that time has come.

The Great Ocean Road is already renowned as a magnificent drive, but nestled in its hills, glades, glens and shores are a trove of secrets that the locals can’t wait to share. The ad features many of the locals captured doing what they do best – enjoying their perfect slice of Greatopia.

“The last two years have been a difficult time for our region and industry, so as a local and business owner, I couldn’t be more excited to be part of a campaign that’s aimed to bring people back to our region during winter,” says Damien Cerantonio, Owner of Great Ocean Road Resort, Anglesea. “While yes, it might be a little cooler, pop on a jacket and beanie, and you’re good to go.”

For the nature-loving outdoorsy types, there is the rugged surf coast of Bells Beach near Torquay and of course, the Twelve Apostles. Along the Wye River you can hike, or mountain bike across a range of terrains and enjoy scenic camping spots along the way.

Experience fishing in Portland or take the family and explore the beauty of the Split Point Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet. Please do go chasing the waterfalls at Hopetoun Falls, see the Volcanic Lakes and Plains across the region or paddle out among the perfect serenity of Lake Elizabeth. Commune with nature and feel small as you walk among the towering Californian Redwoods of Otway.

For those looking to spend time with the ones you love or make some new friends, there are lots of charming towns along the way or just around the corner. From romantic getaways at Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs in Warrnambool or lavender fields at Narrawong, to social times to be had at breweries and nightlife spots, there is something for every taste and taste bud.

With adventures that suit all types of weather, now is a great time to plan your next opportunity to wind down by the sea and explore Greatopia. Set to the drum of the pounding surf, the anthem cries out from our southern shores. Will you answer the mighty call?