New Invention Keeps Your Hens Zen

Chickens have been the biggest thing to happen to Aussie backyards since the Hills Hoist. UK-born ChickenGuard, the world’s most innovative automatic locking door system for coop doors, challenged us to handle their national media launch and ensure their arrival to the Australian market was heard loud and clear.

After intense research, we learned that Australia’s chicken ownership was well above the worldwide average, with over 400,000 households known to keep a feathered family. A hefty 5.3% of the population. We soon uncovered that a surprising amount of Aussie chicken owners were even located in urban backyards and inner-city areas.

To harness a powerful media storm, we located a city chook keeper to use as a media case study and developed a series of trend worthy story angles. Within the first six months of launch, we reached 35,142,721 people.

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