OVATA by Oakridge | The most anticipated sparkling wine launch of 2023 is finally here.

OVATA by Oakridge

The most anticipated sparkling wine launch of 2023 is finally here.


(SYDNEY, Australia): Ovata by Oakridge is the culmination of winemaking expertise, a stylish new non-vintage sparkling wine crafted by Senior Winemaker Teresa Heuzenroeder, in collaboration with the esteemed Oakridge Wines team.

A delicate blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Ovata is a superbly balanced sparkling from the pristine cool climate of Victoria’s Yarra Valley. Leveraging their intimate knowledge of the region, the award-winning team at Oakridge has selected the perfect grapes to find that harmonious balance.

Ovata is derived from the Latin word Ovatus, meaning to ‘rejoice, applaud & celebrate’, an apt name for Sparkling Wine and a perfect accompaniment to life’s special occasions. For all the moments that matter, this vibrant sparkling wine was designed for connection and to ‘own the occasion’. From festive times shared with family and friends, warmer spring weather to lazy summer lunches.

“Our intention was to create a lively and distinctive sparkling wine. The Yarra Valley is renowned for producing premier quality Chardonnay and Pinot Noir; with the cool climate providing ideal conditions for sparkling. For Ovata, we chose Chardonnay to take the lead in the blend resulting in a wine of finesse and elegance; yet balanced by an underlying approachability. We’re excited to finally be able to share this new release,” says Teresa Huezenroeder, Senior Winemaker.

With over 20 years of experience, Teresa is a passionate winemaker with an eye for detail and a focus on crafting sparkling wines of elegance and balance. Teresa has worked with some of Australia’s premier sparkling brands including Jansz and Croser. Combining the art and science of sparkling winemaking, Teresa’s attention to detail for every element of the process has guided this collaboration with the award-winning Oakridge team in the Yarra Valley.

Each bottle is fermented on lees for an average of 18 months, producing a rich, creamy sparkling wine, with aromas of apples, white flowers and brioche. The vibrant freshness of

the dominant Chardonnay note is complemented by the depth and intensity of the reserve selections, bursting with extra complexity. Perfect on its own, as an aperitif or paired with foods typically suited for sparkling wine such as seafood and soft cheeses.

Beautifully packaged, this timeless sparkling wine is designed to elevate every occasion. Available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS with a RRP of $32.00 per bottle.

Raise a glass to toast good times, to create memories, to share the special moments of our lives with others. Ovata is ready to celebrate with you.