Sydney’s First Dedicated Luxury Tattoo Removal Clinic Offers Holistic Wellness Approach to Popular Procedure

​Sydney’s First Dedicated Luxury Tattoo Removal Clinic Offers Holistic Wellness Approach to Popular Procedure

Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Next Level Tattoo Removal Clinic has launched Australia’s first high end, luxury tattoo removal clinic with a dedicated wellness experience to erase the pain of ink regret. 

According to data published by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council in 2020, nearly 25% of Australian aged 20 to 30 have at least one tattoo. This same report showed approximately 24% of people who have tattoos regret getting it, while 1 in every 7 people want their tattoos removed

While tattoo removal has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, it is still widely considered to be a painful experience for most. However, in recent years, advancements in new laser technology have seen more effective treatments that are challenging this notion around tattoo removal

Beauty therapist and Next Level Founder, Kylie Hayden recognised a gap in the market for a customised service that combines all the luxuries of a science-led spa experience with state-of-the-art technology which substantially lowers pain and yields transformative results.

“Understanding the advanced science and technology behind tattoo removal combined with an unmatched luxury experience is at the core of our offering,” says Kylie, “It was important to us that we delivered on this for the first and best experience possible with each treatment tailored to each of our client’s needs .”

Backed by a highly experienced, trained team of technicians and beauty therapists, Next Level Tattoo Removal Clinic offers a tranquil experience with a bespoke approach to tattoo removal. Each step of the transformative journey has been considered and thoughtfully designed, from Beauty Chef Hydration Elixirs upon arrival, headsets and Ipads with a selection of music and relaxation apps to ease you throughout, to LED light therapy and a gentle massage to help speed up the flow of the lymphatic systems which is scientifically shown to help with tattoo removal. 

In addition to administering doctor strength numbing cream, the ground-breaking tattoo removal machine, the Discovery Pico Laser machine, has won international awards for tattoo removal over the last two years. Next Level is only one of a few Sydney clinics that offer this exclusive access and relatively pain-free technology. 

Using a pure photoacoustic effect to shatter tattoo ink leaving surrounding tissues unharmed, each pulse of energy penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the tattoo ink. Regardless of size, colour or age of the tattoo, the Discovery Pico Laser machine is so advanced that it delivers results quickly with minimal discomfort, unlike other cream and surgical treatments on the market that sometimes leave the skin blistered or burned.

While delivering tailored care each step of the way, Next Level also ensures each customer is sent home with a customised home care pack that contains everything needed for post-treatment, including an ice-pack, Beauty Chef supplements, ointment and gauze, plus something sweet to treat the tastebuds. Not to mention, a follow-up support call on how to manage your tattoo removal over the 1-2 week post period following your treatment. 

On average, clients can expect to undergo six sessions, however, this can vary person-to-person, depending on the size, age and location of the tattoo. The patient’s health and immune system also play a significant role in the effectiveness of your tattoo removal treatment. 

Starting from $100 per session, Next Level brings together both relaxation and cutting-edge technologies to deliver an experience that ensures a sense of tranquillity and ‘next level’ results. 

“We understand and have a deep appreciation for tattoo artistry,” comments Kylie, “But we also recognise that over time, tattoos lose their resonance. We are happy to be a part of each individuals artistry journey, to make it as positive as possible through our life-changing services.